Create Bulk Users in Active Directory (Step-By-Step Guide)


1. Hyper-V

2. Windows Server 2012/2019 with Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP installed. (With Intern Switch) IP Address: , Subnet mask: , Default Gateway: . DNS  name here

3. Windows 10 as Client machine (With Intern Switch) IP will come from DHCP Server.

Step 1 :

Change client machine Intern switch to default switch and Installed 21 RSAT from Apps and Function

Click Setting -> Apps -> Apps og funktioner -> valgfrie funktion

Tilføj en funktion and Select all RSAT,  After all installed  Download   powershell 7 and visual studio code.

Copy two files also NewADUsers.ps1 and NeADUsers1.csv and paste it to C\Pwr folder .

Open Visual studion code and  install powershell extension.

Now logoff the client matchine and open it as a domain user .

Create two OU (Organizational Unit) in the Server 2012/2019 as  IT and Reserch.

In the client matchine open NewADUsers.ps1 with visual studion and change two lines.

Now run the code.

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