How to join a CentOs machine to Active Directory Domain Controller.

Step 1:

Domain controller: Windows server 2012/2020 is running with ADDS and DNS is Active. 

Domain name: devisn.local

IP Add:

Switch : Internel_Switch (hyper-v)

Step 2:

CentOS 8 is running with IP ADD: and same  Internel_Switch.

Check the ping connectivity.

Logon as root user:

Su –

change file:  gedit /etc/resolv.conf

search devisn.local


command prompt type: realm join –user=administrator devisn.local

provide administrator password.

check : id administrator@devisn.local

gedit /etc/sssd/sssd.conf



Restart the service: systemctl restart sssd

Logoff the CentOs machine and Login as administrator and password.